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headline declared that “Dallas officials want Tent City shut down after 2nd killing in a month.” In early March, the City Council approved a plan to empty the homeless encampment, a five-block stretch beneath I-45 at the point where it meets I-30, about a mile south of downtown.

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Activists with the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance (MDHA), an umbrella of some six dozen aid organizations, persuaded the council to place dumpsters and portable toilets on each of Tent City’s blocks.

Instead they want to see street people indoors, where they can benefit from treatment for their various afflictions and apply for jobs and the like.

Under pressure from the scandal of the murders, Rawlings may have been predisposed to clearing Tent City because of his time at The Bridge, whose COO, Sam Merten, denounces aid and improvement to encampments as “enabling homelessness.” The council’s move-out plan was written by the MDHA and supported by shelter operators including Merten.

Most of the food delivery organizations are Christian groups, pledged to helping the homeless, whatever their circumstances.

Most shelter operators, on the other hand, oppose tolerating or aiding encampments.

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