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Still, lacking a user base outside the United States and Canada, kik won’t have much opportunity to show the value of its chatbots in the rest of the world.

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It seems kik is better designed for sharing viral web content than it is to be a well-rounded communications toolkit.As we’ve ramped up our Digital Insights work over the last few months, we’ve had the opportunity to talk with people around Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East about the digital tools they use to stay in touch with each other and the world around them.These conversations have reminded us that we have to work hard to stay on top of the growing number of messaging apps on the market today, as what was popular six months ago might no longer be today.Today, the same benefits—speed and efficiency—aren’t apparent when I use chatbots versus the mobile web.And even when they are, the lack of accuracy means I’m never quite sure if I can really trust the chatbot to get the job done.” Until the perception that chatbots have no tangible benefits over apps and mobile web sites changes, we’re unlikely to see kik as a popular tool in the places DAI works.Pros: Easy-to-use platform with a very simple and intuitive user interface—doesn’t include a lot of clutter leading to sensory overload and epileptic seizures; cross-platform compatibility means that anyone using any combination of phone and operating system can use kik; kik games and points incentivize engagement with the app and brands.

Kik codes are a quick way to add users and join groups; quick access to viral web content; user identity is based on a username, not a mobile phone number.I suspect this is due to relative differences in the cost of mobile data; far more plans in the United States include unlimited data which means apps and mobile websites are an easy download, whereas in China most people are still on prepaid plans and pay for each megabyte, so data-light chatbots are far more attractive for users.In the context of international development, chatbots offer the same advantages they do in China: a simple, data-light interface that (at least in theory) makes it easy to interact with brands and organizations.The disconnect was quite clear when I used the Chatty Mc Chatface bot to (supposedly) connect me with real kik chat users to discuss topics of my choice (although those choices were limited to such substantial topics as “Music: Kanye West vs. Adam: First of all, according to kik, 40 percent of U. teens use their app, so they’re certainly doing something right, even if they can’t help Karim find a random chatter who wants to discuss the intricacies of late-19th century German nobility.Taking a queue from the success of We Chat’s chatbots in China, kik has lashed itself to the mast of the chatbot craze, alongside Facebook Messenger.This kind of communication technology also provides smaller companies with a lot of opportunities.

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