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Altogether, Americans consume about 20 billion wieners annually or 70 per person.The Chicago Tribune also tells us that 25% of Americans eat hot dogs only in the summer.

With the exception of infant formula and some baby foods, product dating is not generally required by Federal regulations (source: gov).

Understanding consumers' food safety practices is helpful in reducing food-borne illness.

A systematic literature search was conducted to establish a baseline of consumer food safety practices in Canada, identify research gaps and make recommendations for future research.

Questions covered frequency of food preparation, sources of food safety information, consumer confidence and assigned food safety responsibility, awareness of food safety, knowledge of high-risk groups and high-risk foods, and personal experience with food-borne illness.

Food safety behaviours were evaluated according to the ‘clean’, ‘separate’, ‘chill’ and ‘cook’ principles emphasized by the Canadian Partnership for Consumer Food Safety Education's Fight BAC Program.

Consumer food safety studies in Canada were limited to self-reported behaviours.

Future research could include observational studies to validate results from self-reported food safety practices, and provide more accurate information on consumer food handling practices.On the other hand, nutritionists point out that hot dogs are far from nutritious.Yet, says the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, Americans purchase some 9 billion hot dogs a year in grocery stores and many more from street and ballpark vendors.Among containers with milk 25, 30 and 40 days post bottling, 64.0% of respondents intended to discard milk in containers with date labels while 45.8% intended to discard milk in containers without such labels, which is a 40% increase in discard intentions for milk that is putatively ‘past date’ among commercial bottlers.Multivariate analysis reveals that discard intentions are lower among participants with higher incomes and fewer household members, but revealed no other significant correlations with personal or household characteristics.Sealed foil packaged condiments provide an impermeable barrier from light, air and moisture.