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Despite the unusual features of the elk, there were no problems reported with the meat.The Kingdom of Loathing is not a place that would ever be accused of taking itself too seriously. In the real world, it's possible to randomly punch strangers in the stomach. Impersonating an admin or an employee of Asymmetric Publications in an effort to scam/intimidate people or harvest their passwords will be dealt with aggressively.

Here are the major updates to Samtec for January 2018. The phrase “high-speed cable assembly” can include a variety of products, which is exactly what you’ll find in Samtec’s new High-Speed Cable Interconnect Solutions Guide.One man's lampshade-on-the-head antics are another man's high-brow entertainment. The buyer in an exchange like this will not be punished, but he or she will probably be stupid.Some things, however, are situated FIRMLY in the category of jackassery: 1. Do not send message after message to somebody in an effort to annoy them.READ ALSO: When the hunters began to remove the elk's intestines, they found that the animal had teats but also a scrotum, though no testes."None of us had ever seen anything like it – the vet told me this happens around three times a year, out of 100,000 elks killed in Sweden each year," said Liderfelt."At first, I didn't see anything strange, it was like any other elk until we looked more closely," hunter Carl-Gustav Liderfelt, who shot the animal, told The Local after Svensk Jakt first reported the unusual story.

The 67-year-old has been hunting elk since he was a teenager, and on Saturday found the 'hermaphrodite elk' in Eksjö, Jönköping in southern Sweden.

That doesn't mean you can't link your (non-pr0n) photobucket or your myspace or any other personal page.

The test is this: if you're making money or meat from people clicking on your link, it shouldn't be publically displayed anywhere. It's not against the rules to have more than one character per household, or per computer, or even per person.

Vendors from across the industry were showcasing their latest solutions: semiconductors, connectors, test and measurement, EDA, etc. The business of e-commerce has exploded in the past few years.

With online retailers like Amazon and Shopify drastically simplifying the online buying experience, this trend and expectation has now made its way into the B2B space.

Please note that the punishments described in these rules are subject to change without notice. This may seem like a rule that leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Spamming the chat with advertisements for a store or clan. So if somebody sells you an account, there is absolutely nothing stopping them from taking it right back.