Updating rear end in 1937 chevy truck

09-May-2020 12:56 by 4 Comments

Updating rear end in 1937 chevy truck

Easily converted to Stage IV Air Ride with bolt-on parts and a weld-on shock bracket!

Add 5.00 for electroless nickel plated mild steel tubular control arms.

Fat Man Fabrication offers Hub-to-Hub, Stage II, III, IV, Air Ride or the Stage V-Shockwaves to any Hub-to-Hub Suspension Kit we offer.

All Stage Hub to Hub Kits use the same basic parts, including TIG welded tubular steel control arms.

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A rear sway bar will control the body roll effectively and make it much easier to fit.

The differences are the type of spring used, and different upper mounts specific to that spring and upper control arm.

Kits include 4 1/2” or 4 3/4” bolt circle 11″ big brake kits!

a shim system is used for unrivaled ease of adjustment.

Compare this to anybody’s Coilover IFS, at any price!

The shock is mounted to the rear of the suspension.