State of insanity chat

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State of insanity chat

@Ken Mac55 Ken Mc Intyre, a 30-year veteran of national and local newspapers, serves as senior editor at The Daily Signal and The Heritage Foundation’s Marilyn and Fred Guardabassi Fellow in Media and Public Policy Studies. Editor’s note: Response to former Trump aide Sebastian Gorka’s on-camera interview with Rob Bluey, The Daily Signal’s editor-in-chief, was overwhelmingly positive from our audience. Remember to write us at [email protected]—Ken Mc Intyre In the commentaries and interviews I have seen in The Daily Signal, I have never thought that there was any kind of trap-setting.

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Congress and the deep state and the lobbyists all function on honor among thieves.The “legally insane” standard is different nationwide.There are generally two schools of thought about what “legally insane” means.The insanity defense is an affirmative defense where the defendant has the burden of proof to demonstrate evidence that during the violent moment or during the commission of the crime, he was insane at the time.“Insanity” has a specific meaning in the courts and jurisdiction determines what that definition means.The left has won virtually all of the arguments because we have not had a leader since Reagan who would debate them.

That’s one reason Reagan was so despised by the left: He made them look stupid and sought the support from the people via periodic TV broadcasts. All the losers like Romney, Mc Cain, and Bush can’t stand him. history.—Thomas Mathew Thank you for The Daily Signal as an instrument of truth for the American people.

Gorka’s answers regarding threats were a beautiful example of his ability to explain complex issues in tight, concise language.—Norma Berrios *** Excellent piece, with well-thought-out questions. Gorka’s responses were very insightful, introspective, and reassuring. It’s difficult to respond to the craft of lie-making of the left because the way they form their statements can be difficult to entangle. The Daily Signal should give us these educational points with the people with whom you come in contact.

Thank you to Rob Bluey and all his colleagues at The Daily Signal for being the medium of truth, justice, and the American way.—Sanford P. I know something is twisted in what they say, but can’t always find a way to cut through the fog. Help us to clarify the lies with reality and their illusion of relativity (including moral relativity).—Mark Bigley, Luling, Texas *** All you have to do is take the oath to protect this country against enemies both foreign and domestic, and the “clear responsibility” to preserve human rights and equality becomes paramount in your thinking.

Over the last year, the news has begun to shed light on the effect that mental illness has on criminal cases.

Florida has seen a few cases in the last year where the insanity defense has been raised; the two most noted cases involved one mother who attempted to drown her children in the ocean and another mother shooting her children. The insanity defense is an extremely rare and difficult defense for a defendant to use.

Trump is doing the same thing, except he uses Twitter and is far more aggressive than Reagan. Trump shed light on the corrupt American government. I especially liked Rob Bluey’s interview with Sebastian Gorka. With prayers for massive circulation for The Daily Signal.—Sr. When the case was closed, where was all the handshaking and backslapping followed by the “Aren’t we great” press conference? —Danny Lee Cosat *** Aren’t most all of these so-called government officials basically just puppets answering to the puppet masters?

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