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The counties have to go to the legislature—and ipso facto uninvolved parts of the state—to get the most basic policy and financial laws passed, which often fail to get the support of the full legislature.The county legislative delegation has decided most local matters during the decades.

The county's senator was in an especially powerful position, given that the county legislative delegation decided most local matters.

As a result of several federal court decisions in the late 1960s that mandated the principle of "one man, one vote", the legislature is required to reapportion itself every decade.

Even with these changes, the legislature still has great powers over local government, and devotes considerable time to local issues.

This prevents most local governments from passing any ordinances on taxation.

Although the home rule counties can pass ordinances on tax issues, even that authority is limited.

The Democrats raised "the Negro issue" and promised that "no white man would lose the franchise".

In Alabama, the new constitution also "would remove [from voter registration rolls] the less educated, less organized, more impoverished whites as well - and that would ensure one-party Democratic rules through most of the 20th century in the South." In practice, it has resulted in the state legislature having extensive authority over counties, cities and towns.

Alabama has had six constitutions to date, all established via State Conventions: 1819 (converting Alabama Territory into a State), 1861 (Secession), 1865 (Reconstruction), 1868 (Reconstruction), 1875 (ending Reconstruction), and, from 1901, the current document.

The Alabama Constitution, in common with all other state constitutions, defines the standard tripartite government.

Amendment 480 and the Greene County probate judge).

This gives Alabama a large number of constitutional officers.

This has resulted in amendments relating to local counties and municipalities being overwhelmingly approved in the affected areas, but rejected statewide.