Elkhorn ne dating

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Elkhorn ne dating

The moral and religious teaching imparted at these schools is of the highest importance; and though, as with white people, and probably much more so in the Indian’s case, many lapses may occur, yet the good impressions received and habits formed must tend to raise the standard of conduct in the bands to which they belong.” Among many questions that arise, is, “Why aren’t farming methods being taught? ” And the question still being asked today, “Why did so many children die in residential school?

That sounds like someone trying to control history.

He used his Crown authority to withhold rations and of course to call in the NWMP North West Mounted Police. 1890 Good Behaviour.” Hayter Reed, made this extremely ironic and to us, offensive comment in the 1890 IR on the “Sub-division of Reserves”.

At first, the Police Commissioner gave the starving Indians food to eat but he was ordered by Ottawa to stop. His treacherous words seethe with that patronizing tone still so prevalent among bureaucrats.

He signed in 1875 but his terms were not included at that time.

He also became spokesperson and lobbied Ottawa for a unified Indigenous territory. He used his mind to strategize and manipulate the colonial system in his struggle for self determination and territorial sovereignty.

Most of the reserves are large, and there is ample space on them to settle ex-pupils of the band some distance from the main camps on the reserve, and near the agent’s residence.

Something of this kind has been tried at File Hills [by William Morris Graham], with a prospect of moderate success.Many settlers were looking for better plots of land to till. This band was known for not towing the imperial line.They wanted to move into the Cypress Hills but they were routed in an attack there in 1870, many warriors being killed.They are all instructed in the elementary branches of an English education; some of the boys are employed at trades, others at farm work and tending stock; the girls are taught cooking, sewing and other duties calculated to make them good housekeepers.Perhaps too little attention is given in some of the schools to agriculture and stock-raising, which in this prairie country, and especially on the Indian reserves, must ever be the leading industry.Not a few of the graduates who have gone out from industrial schools have obtained employment among settlers and villagers and earned moderately good wages; some have married other ex-pupils and settled down on reserves with a fair prospect of making a comfortable living for themselves; while too many are idle and shiftless, and have fallen back into the old habits of their parents and other relatives on the reserves.