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The following companies were booked forto-day's maiden drill, but several droppedout for various reasons: Johnson Guards, Colorado Guards, Texas Rifles, Fanning Guards, Maxey Rifles, Tailing Grays, Lee Rifles, Brenham Light Guard, Victoria Ri-fles, Longview Rifles. Many of thebest posted soldiers watched them throughthe entire programme, which was limy anddifficult. Just before the conclusion of their work, Private Ilill was overcome by heat and fellto the ground, from whence he was carriedby soldiers who rushed to his relief. The Victoria and Lee Rifles of Giddingsdid fairly well.The double time move-ments of the Maxey Rilies were especiallygood.

The company had almost to bo COM PLETELY REFORMED.there was another break, but not so bad.

The beach bandserenaded General Stanley at headquartersto-day. The great Mexican band will arrive to-morrow morning at 0 o'clock. Tho race for the Dyke plate for 8-year-olds, was won by Lord Durham's chestnutfilly Gulbeyaz, with Mr. They wentaway at the first break, Receiver in the lead, Alpina second and Annie Clare third. Each of tho other wellsthat have been bored since, coming fromthe same vein of water, have partaken moreor less of gaseous qualities. Insome cases, it is true, much advantage hasaccrued from this practice, evidenceof which is to be found inthe block system of signals, com-munication between passenger andguard and other arrangements for the safetyof the traveling public; but the thing is re-duced to an absurdity when we find theboard of trade gravely calling the attentionof railway managers in general to the "advisibility of providing separate compart-ments for femalo passengers," because oneyoung woman out of the millions whotravel annually happens to have been madethe victim of an assault by a cowardlyruffian. much to be regret-ted that there should be in male humanityso much of the animal nature as to promptsuch outrages as those which have sug-gested the separation of the sexes whiletraveling, but it would be a bad state ofsociety indeed if women feared to be in com-pany with the opposite sex, and that they donot is evidenced by their own action. But tho chief point isthis: When a barber goes to a lady's househe charges just double price for the work, ashe loses considerable time on the way anil isobliged to carry all the implements of histrade along.

There is a rumor this evening that the Houston Light Guard will drill, but theywill not drill until Thursday afternoon. The Sealys arc enjoying a swell affair this Ievening at the residence of Judge Bowers, jwho is the father of their BEAUTIFUL AND CHARMINGsponsor. Miss j Bearifjht and her maids of honor visited Ithe Light Guard camp to-day, where they [were serenaded by the company's band. Petersburg, May 15.—Russia has in-vited the powers to send twelve delegateseach to attend the August military maneu-vers at Warsaw. An-nie Clare won by a length, Van Trim sec-ond, a length in front of Ailaliarene third. Second Race—Club purse WOO, three-quar-ters of a mile. Tliecase which gave rise to the official recom-mendation is not the first of its kind whichhas happened, and the railways have done,their best to afford all possible protectionfor females traveling alone, as will be seenfrom the replies'to a circular which we pub-lished last week; but women themselves donot ask for isolation, nor do they desire, it. Ladies learn quickly enoughfrom their husbands and brothers what t.heregular charge is and very few of them willpay more, even those who throw plenty ofmoney away every month on sweetmeatsand flummery.

The immense ground iscovered with tents, the number of which isbeing constantly increased on account ofthe arrival of new companies. The Fannin Guards did not drill on ac-count of the sickness of a they drilled.

At a late hour last night the Trinidad, Col., company arrived and were put at onceintotents. The Brenham Light Guard under Captain Burns put up a very pretty drill, though be-ing early it was before a small crowd.

The Waco infantry in TIIH STATE CLASSmade quite a creditable display, but errorsby nearly all the ollicers occurred in eachcompany.

The Dallas Light Guards made the bestcompanies in the state class feel pale, astheir drill attracted general admiration.

canal, May 15.—The Suez canal dividendwill be 2 france 00 centimes above that oflast year. THE NEW YORK DEMOCRACY EULO-GIZE PRESIDENT CLEVELAND. Egmont won, with Guardsman sec-cond by a quarter of a length and Estellathird, a length behind. Thirjl Race—Bourbon stakes for two-year-old fillies, five furlongs. Cincinnati, O., May 15.—Cincinnati, S; Louisville, 4. Evidenceof a similar character is forthcoming f"omall the other lines out of London, and fr "iithe provinces also, from which itw )33ieseen how futile any attempt to pi i h t lematter of separation further must neces-sarily be. THE BOISTEROUS ATLANTICIs a terror to timid voyagers, ecareely lesson account oi the perilsof tho deep than the al-most. Thebestcurativoof lual ik Miier ts Hoste'.ter's Stomach ISittcfs.which settles the stomach At once and preventsit disturbance. or land, it nresents a happy me-dium between the nauseous or ineffectual re-sources of the medicine chest, and the problem-atical benefit derivable from an unmoiliaatedalcoholic stimulant, no matter howpuie. But speaking professionally, Ican say that for some mysterious reason itis a much harder job than to cut a man'shair. Wahrenberger & Beckmann, Over Texus National Bank, SAN ANTONIO TEXASABCHIT3CT3.

The report congratulates thecompany on having, without loss, sur-mounted one of the most intense and pro-longed commercial maritime crises recordedin a long time. Governor Hill Defeated as a Di'le^ate-^Fre-pariiu* for the National Democratic Con-vention— Governor Taylor Renomi-nated by Tennessee empeitoh improving. London, May 15.—A volcanic eruptionand waterspout have occurred in New Pomerania, New Guinea, doing immensedamage. The Chronicle's Rome correspondent tele-graphs that he has heard that the officialor semi-official relations between Englandand the Vatican are to be restored in au-tumn.diplomatic relations. A piece of bread thatthe child was eating lodged in the windpipoand resulted in strangulation. New York, May 15.—Hubbard, Price & Co.say: Cotton certificates opened quiet and 2points below yesterday. There is no disposition tosell short for fear manipulation may advancethe summer months, and the few deals whichinako up the small total figures of t'ae dailysales are mostly of a scalping nature. Lioness was offfirst, with Brown Princess alongside andthe others well up. Still we can not disguise fromourselves the fact that even in this mildrecommendation is to be found an indica-tion of a growing tendency on the part ofthe government to interfere with the free-dom of action of railway companies even inthe smallest details of management. Thojarring of a railroad car often produces stom-achic disnrders akin to that caused by the mil—ingol'aship. They're so awfully particular, amithat bang in front is enough to make a saintprofane, I tell you—and a barber is not asaint. Til a cemetery at Sacramento, Cab, lie theremains of a son of Alexander Hamilton,first secretary of the United States treasury.

The following interstate campanies willbe inspected in the following order, begin-ning at 7 a. Betting was l Otolagainst Gulbeyaz, 5 to 1 on "i'rtf Sent Armsand 10 to 1 against Ixia.louisville races. Batteries, Weihing and Robinson, Kil-roy and Fulmer. ROGERSThis association is now prepared for businessanil they invite PROPOSITIONS AND COMMENTSFROM THEWool Growersthroughout the country.

m.: San Antonio Rifles, Waco Light Infantry, Seaiy Rifles, Belknap Rifles, Houston Light Guard, Austin Grays, Mont-gomery Blues, Brenham Light Guard, Den-ver (Col.) company. Louisville, Ky., May 15.—The second dayof the Louisville spring meeting furnishedsome excellent sport. Pittsburg, Pa., May 15.—New York 3, Pittsburg 3; base hits: New York 11, Pitts-burg (5: errors: New York 4, Pittsburg 4;batteries; Kecfe and Living, Gal via and Fields. m.~Indications foreastern Texas: Slight changes in temperatureand fair weather, preceded in Mississippi andnorthern Alabama by local rains and fresh tobrisk southerly winds. Their Proteetiniion Knglinh Railways a Sub-ject of legislation. They are prepared tomake LIBERAL ADVANCES upon tho mostfavorable terms on all consignments of WOOL & HIDESRato3 of interest, storage and Insurancecharges will be fixed at the lowest minimum*WOOL SACKS FURNISHED AT COST PRICEAddres3F. PIi Biixlipr ;mmmii A TVoman Has Her Hair Cut in a Uarber Shop—The Fail."Next," said the barber. They used tocome more often when it was fashionableto wear the hair short.""Do they come alone?

The Light Guard and their manv friendsare stillconfident of victory.

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