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“Generally a band of tissue called the hymen will break or tear which can sometimes lead to mild bleeding,” she says, “and the vaginal opening increases in size.” The vaginal wall may also stretch if you have sex with different-size partners, explains Metz.

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"The panel did not consider that Miss Wilson demonstrated insight into the consequences of her actions.She also discussed the allegations with Pupil A and asked him to keep their relationship secret and to deny all knowledge of it if asked.Miss Wilson did not attend the hearing and it proceeded without her.The panel found Pupil A to be a credible, reliable witness." Their relationship continued for several months and they communicated by text message and met outside school, with Pupil A thinking he loved her.In September 2015 the school's head teacher learnt that Miss Wilson was in a relationship with a student.D., an ob-gyn based in New York City tells Women’s Health.

That said, the very first time you have sex does come with some size changes for the vagina.Still, no matter how wise you may be about your lady parts, chances are you may still feel confused about what’s going on down there from time to time, especially when it comes to how your vagina responds to sex.One question that may have crossed your mind while getting it on: Is it possible for sex to stretch out my vagina? “The vagina is basically a muscular rubber band that that stretches during sex and returns to its original shape and size,” Michelle Metz, M."Whilst she did express remorse as to the impact of her actions on Pupil A and his family, Miss Wilson demonstrated herself to be more concerned with the impact of her dismissal from the school on her own career and personal life." Alan Meyrick, an official on behalf of Education Secretary Justine Greening, banned Miss Wilson indefinately from teaching.He said: "These findings of misconduct are particularly serious as they include findings of both serious dishonesty and sexual misconduct.“That’s a sign that the vaginal skin stretched a bit too much.” While this isn’t something to be too concerned about, if you’re having extreme discomfort every time you have sex, it’s probably a good idea to reach out to your ob-gyn.

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