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This would mark the beginning of the mass immigration movement in the UK, resulting in an estimated 172,000 West Indian born people living in the UK by 1961.

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IRA informer Sean O'Callaghan who claimed to have thwarted a plot to kill Charles and Diana has died aged 63, a close friend has said.I had no intention of being a farmer in Jamaica." His time in England had shown him the differences in education between the two countries and, although he didn't have a girlfriend at the time, he says he knew he wanted a better education for his future children.After seeing an advertisement in The Daily Gleaner offering passage to Britain in order to work for £28.10, King, and 491 fellow Caribbeans, decided to make their way to the 'Mother Country'.Unofficial 'colour bars' were introduced, and workplace discrimination was commonplace.Jack Howard Drake worked for the Home Office between 19 and admitted that although they did employ black people, they had certain standards that had to be met: "We were quite happy to employ coloured people, providing they weren't visible.It isn't even on the National Curriculum." In an ideal world, he'd like for June 22 to be a public holiday, but he acknowledges that is unlikely to happen: "I would love for it to be a public holiday, but there are so many people and groups who feel like they have a better claim than us for a public holiday, I know it won't happen.

"I would like it to be recognised every year instead, like D-Day.

Many others joined the British Rail, the newly formed NHS and public transport companies, as they had begun to recruit almost exclusively from the Caribbean migrants.

Because of this, there is a growing movement to have the Windrush Generation officially celebrated due to their contribution to British society.

Others, I would say, it didn't really matter for them. They were just nice, ordinary people." Ignoring racial tension, King says finding a job wasn't too difficult because of the need for a new workforce after the war.

He rejoined the RAF and later worked as a manager for the Royal Mail and also became the first black mayor of the London Borough of Southwark.

Though the atmosphere on the ship was mostly positive, they soon heard word that parliament wasn't happy with their imminent arrival.

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    Evidence of humans exerting some control over wild grain is found in Israel in 20,000 BCE.