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It may have been fun, but it was not intended to be harmless.Danny Boyle is engaged in a cultural battle of ideas that matters a great deal to him.

Nor were there even fleeting references to the role of the Church or religion in British society (Marxists don’t like God) or to the inventions and innovations (railway engines, steam ships, telegraph etc.) which powered the evil capitalist Industrial Revolution that Mr Boyle abominates.Whether more than a very few of the billion people who watched it realised they were being treated to a Marxist take on history, I doubt. He offered us a Marxist analysis without most of us realising it!First we had the Arcadian bliss of pre-Industrial Revolution England with its happy peasants milling about with their sheep and geese.For him, subsequent history has consisted of a series of challenges to capitalist power (the Marxist class struggle) represented by the suffragettes, the Jarrow hunger marchers in the Thirties, and immigrants landing in Britain on the Empire Windrush.Freed from their capitalist repressors, the people were able to create the NHS (much joyous jumping about on beds and myriad sweet-natured Mary Poppinses) and popular music, represented by The Beatles, the Sex Pistols and the Clash. All this was superbly choreographed and dramatically presented by Danny Boyle. There were no references to the achievements of the Empire which, for all its many defects, succeeded in spreading British culture and technology, as well as the English language, to more than a quarter of the globe.Inspired though it was in its conception, providing free health care for the poor, the NHS manifestly offers less effective care than less statist systems in France or Germany. Immigrants have given a great deal to this country, but most people (including many immigrants) think the mass immigration of the past few years has put too much strain on public services, as well as undermining some communities.

I would even question the depiction of the Queen, which most people apparently regarded as a hoot. Mr Boyle, we may reasonably surmise, is a republican.

It seems barely to have occurred to Marx and Engels, any more than it does to Mr Boyle, that the lives of the pre-Industrial Revolution rural poor were disfigured by ignorance, disease and illiteracy, and that life in the cities, though undoubtedly very hard for many, led quite soon to a higher standard of living and at least a modicum of education.

According to Mr Boyle’s re-fashioning of history on Friday night, the urban poor were merely repressed by stovepipe-hatted capitalists.

Memorable tracks from the original have been given a reworking, namely Iggy Pop's "Lust for Life," which has been remixed by The Prodigy.

"Born Slippy" by Underworld will also get rehashed, this time reworked as something titled "Slow Slippy." For those of you worried the soundtrack was going to feature an onslaught of Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys and Royal Blood, worry not - the soundtrack also includes songs from Blondie, Queen and Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

You may say that there wasn’t time to include all these things, and of course that is right.

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