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This is not to say they’d always go for the foreigner, but you definitely have an advantage from the start.If you try to start a relationship with a Romanian woman while in another country – perhaps even your home country – then you have to try your best, as competition is everywhere; make sure you tackle the topics below.

Romanians like to learn about other countries and about foreigners in general, and women love it when a potential partner has new information to share with them, and when they can teach them something (without patronizing them! So a very good starting idea would be to share thoughts about your country and fellow countrymen, while at the same time asking for the same kind of information about Romania.This will be a great foundation for what you’re trying to build.If you’ve been in Romania for a while, you probably already know most Romanian women like to dress up for many occasions, and the level of ‘dressing up’ varies with the occasion, and of course, with the woman’s personality.Thorny shrubs are important for supporting the biodiversity of these wooded rangelands, as well as facilitating the regeneration of trees by acting as nurse species.We assess the direct effects of temporary shrub encroachment under the cover of mature sparse trees on overall plant and habitat diversity.(If you go to the Opera, she will most likely dress in style, so you’d better suit up!

) Sometimes it is just best to ask, blaming it on your lack of cultural knowledge about Romania – ask her, for example: How should I dress for this restaurant, what would you recommend? This works with every woman, but it will work magic on Romanians.

First off, if you’re a foreigner trying to get a Romanian woman fall in love with you, and you both live in Romania, the good news is you stand more chances than any potential Romanian male racing to win over the same woman.

The truth is Romanians like foreigners, and Romanian women in general will give more attention to foreigners trying to win them over.

This will tell her you’re not only interested in your looks, but interested in her opinion and in looking great together as a couple. If she doesn’t like to dress up, try to find a style which is close to hers, without imitating it. As they like to dress up (see point above), they also want to know they’ve impressed you, and potentially everyone else to.

Ideally, you should really be impressed, and tell the truth when complimenting her. Romanians have a tendency to see conspiracies around them sometimes, so if the compliment sounds too good, or fake, she will figure it out quite rapidly, and add another negative point to your book.

Yes, women keep track of the good and the bad about you, and often speak about these to their friends!

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