Dll updating plus

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You can find an overview of the new features in Spec Flow 2.0 here. The new versions of Spec Flow and Spec Flow work with the previous release.The full changelog is on Git Hub A list of the changes in Spec Flow Runner 1.3 is available here. This means that you can also migrate your project individually, as projects that continue using the previous version will to continue to work alongside upgraded projects.

A: The J-Link DLL supports direct download into the internal flash memory of most microcontrollers.

They can be used to test the correct installation and proper function of the J-Link.

The sample C code applications code can be compiled with every common C compiler on Windows, Linux and mac OS.

Updating the DLL may even be done after the J-Link DLL update period expired. The J-Link SDK can be used with every programming language or solution which allows importing functions from DLLs / shared libraries.

In some cases a wrapper library might be needed to import the C functions.

The J-Link SDK license allows using custom applications within the customer's company only.

Authorization to distribute and ship software which uses the J-Link SDK or parts of it can be permitted by SEGGER upon request.

The J-Link SDK allows customers to integrate J-Link support into their own applications.

This is used in professional IDEs like IAR EWARM or KEIL u Vision to allow debugging directly via a J-Link, as well as in customized production utilities.

Workspace / solutions and project files for Visual C 6.0 and Visual Studio 2010 are included as an easy way to start with, but the J-Link SDK is not limited to be used with these IDEs.

The J-Link SDK always supports all cores which are also supported by J-Link.

The J-Link SDK is available for Windows, Linux and mac OS, as 32 bit and 64 bit versions and can be used with nearly every programming language/solution.