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we will examine the lack of blood evidence at SHE and look at who cleaned up the Sandy Hook crime scene and what, if any, qualifications are required to do so.I realize some may find this topic morbid, distasteful and wholly unnecessary. I have no more desire to delve into this topic than you may to read about it.

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In this article titled, Sandy Hook Evidence: Where is the Blood?); you can put a bead right where you want it, when you want it; the bead will show best on the right side of the fabric (facing you when you add the bead).The disadvantages: there is yarn on the outside of the bead, making for a definite right side/wrong side to the fabric; if the beads are very small it can be difficult to find a small enough hook/yarn; you may have to juggle two hooks at once.Have you added beads to your crochet or knitting before? It’s so fun to add a little sparkle and bling – and add a little something extra special to your next project!Get Moogly on your favorite social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, G , Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr, and sign up for the free Newsletter so you don’t miss a thing!We have counsellors lined up to talk to him and his crew before…and after.

Admittedly this audio diary is not as solid a piece of evidence as I may have wanted but I do think, given Ms.

The blood is even able to be seen from aerial helicopter footage. This account comes to us courtesy of Sofia Smallstorm’s video Unraveling Sandy Hook.

Comparisons with photos from Sandy Hook show nothing even remotely similar which, in my opinion, is rather astonishing given that there were more victims and more people exiting the building. I don’t have a computer of sufficient power to quickly edit the pertinent section out of the video so you’ll just have to scroll to it yourself. or if you haven’t seen this video I would recommend viewing it in it’s entirety.

Many people exited through the front doors that day including at least 2 rather large groups of children.

fatally shot 20 children between six and seven years old, as well as six adult staff members.

These will be extra counselling rooms, separate entrances for adults and children.

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