Be less intimidating

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Be less intimidating

When you perform actions such as crossing your arms, furrowing your brow or continually checking your phone, you appear disinterested and unapproachable.Instead, remember to make eye contact and smile at the guys you are interested in.

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This is especially true if your quietness or confidence is mistaken for snobbishness.He loves train travel, writing fiction, and leaping out of planes.His written work has appeared on sites such as and Global Post, and he has served as an editor for ebook publisher Crescent Moon Press, as well as academic literary journals.For example, I chatted up a girl on the train yesterday who told me I was intimidating.I asked her what she meant but she refused to answer, telling me only that I should take it as a compliment.Once you've a caught a guy's attention with your eye contact and grin, move away from your group slightly so he won't feel intimidated over the possibility of making a fool of himself in front of your group.

Make the guys you meet feel important, suggests dating coach Paige Parker on the Your Tango website.So don't be afraid to admit you don't know something or look a little clumsy. For example, if you happen to trip or lose your balance, say, "I see those unicycle riding classes are paying off for me." The goal is to show that you're only human.In turn, he'll relate to you and realize it's safe to relax in your company. He holds a fine arts degree in creative writing, but has a persistent interest in social psychology.Remember to toss in a sincere compliment here and there as well.Tell him how considerate he is, or that he seems to be in shape.We'd just spent an hour talking about our lives in pretty intimate details so this perplexed me.

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