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"You are really big," commented Rachael in between groans and thrusts. I knew what he wanted and instinctively began to suck on his big cock. Suck that cock that's been breeding your little whore of a wife. My stomach churned at the thought of him taking my wife at the office.

They looked at her as if they knew why she was being let go. More anal juices leaked out of my ass and onto my balls. She stroked that rather large fake cock, covering it with lots of lube. In doing so she spread more ass juices all over my penis and balls. She began pulling back and then thrusting in all the way.

I'm going to make you squirm and squeal in delight. Instinctively I slurped and swallowed then sucked lightly till it withdrew. Just then I noticed a very large, slick cock by my face.

Rachael had wanted me to fuck her and now she was going to fuck me. The cock in my mouth throbbed and then exploded with cum. I had an awful sickly feeling in my stomach but a wonderful feeling in my ass and lower abdomen. Taste what your wife's been getting." What did he mean, been getting? I saw a large, pot-bellied man standing next to me. Reluctantly I took his semi flaccid, sticky cock in my hand and opened my mouth. I moaned onto his cock as Rachael kept thrusting her monster cock in and out of my ass. It was not as easy being on my back, but I did get him in my mouth and wrapped my lips around his manhood.

"Come Emma, I need to deposit another load in your pussy," he commanded as he turned and led her to the inclined bench before mine. Each of us was being cuckolded while others watched. "It'll be ok, we will get through this," I felt the heat of her breath as she whispered soothingly in my ear.

This is not the time nor the place," he admonished. On her other side was John Harding, owner of the house and wealthy CEO, in the same situation and moaning even louder. Each of us had a wife on an inclined leather bench in front of us being fucked by another man. The man behind me was still pumping away at my ass. I felt like I was not there but just watching this unimaginable scene play out. I could feel the lace of her elbow length gloves as she caressed my back with her soft, pointy nailed left hand.

She gripped each ankle firmly and pushed my legs towards me and up. I tried to hold it in but I moaned uncontrollably in response.

"Time for your breeding, and we finally have your husband here to witness it," Dave declared with another chuckle as he began stuffing his cock into her apparently well used pussy. "Your ass is mine, I am going to make you my bitch," she declared lustily as she pushed the head of the oversized dildo into my ass. My legs felt silky smooth as she slid her hands to my ankles. I want you to see how hard I can make your little penis when I fuck your ass," she continued tauntingly. I knew I was expected to drink it later for the amusement of the guests. It was going to be gross to drink all of that raunchy fluid. Denise helped scooch my ass over the bowl and into position and then I spread my legs. One would think that you liked the taste of cum," Rachael whispered in my ear. When I was finished the man thanked me for such good service. You're a natural at this Shauna," Rachael chirped at me. " I want to see the look on your face when I fuck you. I had been bucking back to meet the thrusts of the cock in my ass. I could feel every piece of that lacy white lingerie that was on me - my white stockings, garter belt, bra and elbow length gloves, my brunette wig, all the makeup on my face, my white high heels and the pink leather collar attached to the chain held by my sexy brunette secretary and lover Denise. I looked back down at my wife's apparently well fucked hole. I was kneeling on a leather bench at an angle before them, with one man feeding his cock into my mouth and another thrusting into my ass. I barely noticed the rest of the people in the room, even though it was filled with people either engaged in or watching various lewd sexual acts. I kept gasping as she worked it deeper in with each thrust.