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Dirty dating london - 100 derby dating

Whitstable, Kent - fishing village famed for its seafood. Stay at The Captain's House (a fisherman's cottage converted into a B & B 01227 275 156 - often booked up) or The Continental Hotel 10227 280280 - try to get one of the converted fishermen's huts if possible.

A lively gay community means there's always something going on and the food is above average.

the arches that take trains out to Greenwich were originally built in the 1840s, and the section between Deptford and Bermondsey Spa (no longer a station) is the world's oldest.

Landmarks here include the Cutty Sark (not worth going inside), the Maritime Museum (see Museums) the old Naval Academy - recently restored, the splendid Painted Hall of the Naval Academy, recently sold to a polytechnic which became 'Greenwich University' - the beautiful buildings belie a bad academic reputation.

If you want to do the whole hog, see a concert or dance/theatre/opera event at Snape Maltings and dine afterwards. By the way a dirty weekend is a trip organised around having sex, and has nothing to do with off-road cycling, though time is spend in the saddle, it is to much better effect.

Read this article for more details and this one for recommendations on how to do a dirty weekend if you're already married.

Not really the place to get a sense of 'Olde England' - but a better bet for shopaholics - a large jewelry sector. You can also explore the 'White Cliffs' coastline from here.

The only negative thing about Brighton is that it thinks too highly of itself, and got a mention in 'The Idler guide to crap towns' for that reason. 5) - famous for the being world's largest inhabited castle, largely restored after a huge fire. If you're into castles a day trip to Warwick (easily do-able by train) might be a better bet, though, of course, it's not inhabited by the Queen.

Wootton Rivers - out in Wiltshire, miles and miles off the beaten track, if you want to explore the surrounding area (Avebury, Marlborough etc) you'll need a car, but you can access Wootton Rivers by train, stopping at West End, and then 4 miles by taxi (prebook! The ideal place for sexual dalliance (from personal recommendation...) Southwold- charming small town on the Suffolk coast, 2h30 out of London (train to Halesworth then taxi) stay at the Crown we've done this trip ourselves several times.

Aldeburgh- another charming fishing village, south of Southwold, with a huge intellectual and cultural heritage - Benjamin Britten lived and is buried there (we go up to lay flowers once every few years) with his male partner, Peter Pears. Very active music and arts scene in the town and in nearby Snape Maltings.

Over 60s also get reduced travel throughout Britain (not just the Southeast region) with a Senior railcard which may be a better buy for this age group.

Bus services are also cheap and reliable - but are at the mercy of traffic.

These are all personal recommendations - places we've visited and enjoyed and whre we've got feedback from people we've sent there. If you have time to give us your feedback it helps.