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Perf dating - updating bios sony vaio

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The first is a hi-res version combining observability, static performance tuning, and perf-tools/bcc (see discussion). Really, you don't have to put on makeup other than, well, wanting to put on makeup. Berry cute @kokoandchanel is usually all about neutrals, but she thinks she might have found the perfect bright lip...Grab your best berry lippie and some falsies (have you mom, sister or friend help you apply them) for a look that's just the right amount of out there.Update 2017: This talk is now a little out of date, as Linux has come a long way in the last three years (Linux 3.13 to Linux 4.15), whereas illumos/Solaris have not.Solaris is also believed to have died this year, so I wrote the post Solaris to Linux Migration 2017.A video of the talk is on youtube and usenix, and the slides are on slideshare and as a PDF. At SCa LE 12x, I gave the keynote on What Linux can learn from Solaris performance and vice-versa.

This drew on my prior experiences doing head to head comparisons, and work for the Systems Performance book.

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I'd never seen a good talk comparing performance features of both, I suspect in part because it's hard to know them both in enough depth, and also hard to choose from the many differences which should be highlighted.

A video of the talk is on youtube, and the slides are on slideshare and as a PDF.

A fiscal year is a period of time lasting a year but not necessarily beginning on January 1, and is used by companies, governments, and organizations for accounting purposes.