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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

Anyway he then became engaged to Lady number 2, only 9 weeks later…lady 2 – he had known her for years but they had never lived together nor even really dated (she was a 4 day fling from years ago but kept in touch) Lady number 2 lived 4000 kms away so during this courtship period of 9 weeks, they only had one weekend physically together before he proposed.Its love mixed with lust and the emotionsare meshed into one,,, No kids, no real bad experiences and no real momeries of someone you once loved, your soul mate.... It's usually the one with the wandering eye, that constantly needs to feel validated by being lusted after by the opposite sex. Usually not a very enjoyable date in public, for the fact they are either being ogled by most passing strangers, which I guess must be addictive, or they are making eyes over your shoulder at someone at the bar.Sure we can say we never loved but at some point we did......... Living loving,,,,,,,,, When you look at her when you meet her on the street or she turns around as you walk through the door of a crowded room and sigh of relief comes from you both.... thank god Im here.....seems to be some lucky ones out there, but bed hoping will bring you a world of pain. They will usually have any amount of potential suitors at any one time, so whoever cracks it, feels like all their christmases have come at once.This person also could not stand being alone and the fact that during his engagement he was still seeing his ex should be a real red flag to his new wife.I was shocked that she went ahead and married him after learning of his infidelity only two months earlier but she did and they are married now….chances of this marriage working out…mmm you figure it out…Personally if a guy came to me two weeks after his long term relationship had ended, then wanted to marry me like 2 months later and then meanwhile had an affair whilst he was alone – Id be seeing major red flags. I agree with the comment that for some people you just cant transfer those feelings onto another person.I actually think most of them don't mean doing what they do, I don't think they plan to get a victim they are actually looking for that someone too, unless they are totally sick, but the one they love does become their victim because of the problem they carry.

I knew someone exactly like this and it got to the stage where we didn't even know the name of the "current" boyfriend.They were just replaced with the next one and it would continue like this on and on...............you when there was the "inbetween stage" where there was no boyfriend all hell would break loose..............we prefered it when she was seeing someone - anyone really..............They were just replaced with the next one and it would continue like this on and on...............you when there was the "inbetween stage" where there was no boyfriend all hell would break loose..............we prefered it when she was seeing someone - anyone really. I don't think it's really dumping, they run away from their friends because their friends know what they are getting into again but really it's that they try to hide from to an extent when you with that new gf/bf your on a high , living live to the full feeling young , vibrant and fresh almost a mania and your in a different mindset to your social to like when your sober and a drunk friend calls round , it doesn't feel right alot of the time being in a mentally different place than them.I would be questioning whether the person is capable of commitment and caring about other people if they move on from relationships just like that and if they are just fair weather people who will only be there as long as it suits them until something better comes along.In the distant past I was a "serial manogamist"..., and just for the record was'nt happy at all on that road.I have seen some of my friends looking and moving into a new relationship immediately after a breakup most of the time failure again, so when you ask them why?

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