Tripoli libya dating

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Tripoli libya dating

The Auctioneer or any of its employees individually cannot be responsible for errors in bidding or the loss or delay of any bids that do not reach us by the closing date and time, or for any technical glitches that prevent internet bids from being executed. In the case of tie bids, the earliest bidder will win the lot.All bidders must be registered before their bids will be entered. Bidders are advised to provide allowable percentage increases to avoid losing lots due to a tie.

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Generally, lots will be shipped in the order in which they are paid.3) A winning bid is contract between the winning Bidder (hereafter referred to as the “Buyer”) and the Consignor.The Buyer, even if acting as an agent for someone else, agrees to purchase the lot(s) he has won and to pay the Buyer’s Premium and any shipping costs, sales tax, bank-wire fees, customs duties, or other surcharges involved in delivering the lot(s) to the Buyer.Both options are subject to a minimum of ,000 total in bids and “either/or” bids are additionally subject to a minimum of 0 per lot (below that, bidders should bid live on the Internet instead).These options are not available for bids submitted via i Collector (either live or by proxy). 10) As an active dealer, Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC is able to estimate a reasonably low wholesale level for each lot and reserves the right to reject any bids below this level (generally at least 70% of low estimate).Note that grading and estimation of corrosion are subjective and differences of opinion cannot be considered errors.

Lots encapsulated by PCGS, NGC or any other third-party company may not be returned for any reason.

Disputes as to authenticity shall be resolved by submission to PCGS or NGC, and if their determination is inconclusive, then the opinion of Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC shall stand.

Any disputes, including proposed returns, must be brought to our attention no later than 2 days after receipt of the lot(s) by the Buyer and BEFORE return shipment to us, with any applicable refunds to be made immediately upon receipt of the returned item(s) by us.

9) Most lots are unreserved, but some lots do have a reserve or minimum bid assigned by the consignor. Furthermore we reserve the right to reject any bids that we have reason to believe are not submitted in good faith.

Any reserve will generally be at or below the stated low estimate and starting price. Starting bids are provided on i Collector when the auction is published, and bids below those starting bids cannot be entered.

At no time shall the Buyer have any legal recourse against the Consignor for any reason.

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