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Get a life dating sim walkthrough - dating single donne russe com

Pause after every few ribs to lower Bob's heart rate and blood loss. Remove any bits of bone around the heart with your finger.You should try to cut as close to the side on Bob's left (your right) so you'll have easy access to his heart. Grab a scalpel and cut the two arteries - one red and one purple - leading to the heart.

If you complete all four levels, you can replay them in corridor mode.

Grab the biggest scalpel on the table and cut out the large intestines by cutting around the two marked areas on the screenshot. Wrap it around Bob's neck for a sadistic Game Center achievement.

Using the same scalpel, cut out the small intestine by slicing away at the areas marked in red in the above screenshot.

General tips You'll find basic walkthroughs for each operation type on the i Zac PDA on the main menu.

These show you the tools you should use along each step of the way. Keep an eye on the meter in the top-right-hand corner and reach for the syringe if Bob starts to leak blood like a serial killer's sponge.

Just aim the syringe anywhere on Bob's body and repeatedly jab the poor bloke to stem blood loss and bring it back down to 0ml/s. Jab the button to bring his BPM down, then press it again to stop. If Bob's heart rate drops to zero (and the screen starts flashing red), you can use the defibrillators to resuscitate him.

Press the green heart button and wait for the yellow bars to fill.

You can always pull out the spleen - or whatever that red organ is - if you need more room. Finally, open the organ donor box by tapping on the two latches and then pulling open the lid.

Take each kidney (be careful not to accidentally shunt one off the table) and chuck them in Bob's chest.

Here, Bob and your utensils are on wheels and speeding down the world's longest hospital hallway.

Extra Game Center achievements are up for grabs for completing these.

You'll know you've done it right when the organ stops pumping away. Tap on the two latches on the organ transplant box and pull open the lid.

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