Icarly speed dating part 1

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After an awkward silence, Freddie decided to take a risk.

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But nothing could stop her other self from eating at Freddie's face."So," Sam asked. ""I'm thinking Kevin or Ralph, but I can't decide between them," Carly answered."Well, you better decide soon. ""They said they'd get back to me."Carly knew better. Once I figure out who."Just then Ralph walked over. And thus Sam was the only one of the three to not have a date for the dance. The only thing left to do was to decide whether she would go to the dance alone or not at all.

Sam walked the familiar hallway to Carly's apartment and knocked on the door. No one was home, so Sam made her way to the Groovy Smoothie. She had walked into the exact same scene as just a few hours ago, only she was in Carly's place. ""You've finally grown your first leg hair."Freddie was too excited to even notice the insult. "I was on my way here when she stopped me and asked me out. Looking forward to seeing your dates." Freddie said the last sentence staring directly at Sam. No wait, it was Gary Wolff, the guy who supposedly stood her up. And it's the geek's fault for not seeing this coming. Eventually, Sam found herself a cute top and a denim skirt.

To her surprise, Freddie was sitting in the exact same spot as that afternoon, making out with... Sam looked at the timer; the two minutes for her speed date with Freddie were long gone. "Carly kept her cool next to an exploding Sam, as only she could do. Freddie's one of the few guys in school who's not scared off by you, I've seen you two even get along from time to time, and he was your first k—"Sam quickly covered Carly's mouth. "Hey, speaking of Freddie, where is that nub anyway? She pointed over to a guy and a girl at the end of the next hallway. He headed off, leaving Sam and Carly in shock."Wow," Carly said. And I still can't believe Freddie's going to the dance with Malika. Maybe he paid her, or offered to do her homework, or something. It was amazing; Freddie was obviously being played. Why would a girl like Malika ask him out unless she was using him? Dances are about dancing, I don't need a guy to do that.""You're going to have to sit out a lot of the slower songs.""Good, gives me more time to raid the snack bar."Carly chuckled.

His lips made contact with Carly's and he was instantly plunged into ecstasy. Sure, there were cute guys at the speed dating session, but none were as hot as David. Freddie jumped at the sudden contact, but was soon dragged out of the gym out into the parking lot."You're going to kill me now, aren't you? She kicked it and it went right into a trash can."So what about Carly? But the truth is, I think about you more often than her. The Malika plot was based of the BMW episode "Turnaround", and I also got inspired by the Wonder Years episode "Double Double Date".

Freddie gazed one last time into Carly's eyes before closing his own. ""My parents don't allow me to date seniors, so I ask other guys to pretend to be my dates. She actually felt sorry for him, and guilty for not warning him about her. Or on the fire escape, for that matter.""Follow me." Sam grabbed Freddie's hand. ""I don't know."Sam found an aluminum can on the pavement. I'd thought I'd change it around though, so that he'd actually see Sam in his dream.

"Hey, I just wanted to tell you I've got myself a date to the dance now. No way Freddork could get asked to the dance, not to mention by the hottest girl in school, and Sam couldn't even get a decent guy to say yes. They all rejected her for not being girly enough, but she knew going all girly again wouldn't work either. And if you hurt me, you're still left without a date to the dance."Sam grumbled. "Fine." Sam let go of Gibby's briefs and stormed off. Lunch was almost over and she still didn't have a date.

But thanks for considering me.""Um, you're welcome? But any guy was better than the embarrassment of being dateless. And there was no way she'd put herself through that again in the first place.

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If we feel anything, I guess you've finally won, and if we don't, it'll be like this never happened.""I guess."They sat there awkwardly for a few seconds. " Freddie was startled when he heard that familiar line. He was furious at himself; he very well could have ruined the one possibility he would ever have to make Carly his. Sam and Freddie didn't say anything for the rest of the song. The two of them found themselves gradually holding themselves a little tighter until by the end of the song, they were completely pressed against each other's bodies."Um," Freddie tried to say something meaningful as a fast song started, killing the mood."You're not a bad dancer," Sam quipped."Mother-son dance lessons."Sam smirked.

Would it have mattered if Carly was to suddenly change her mind after five years and start liking Freddie back?

Carly had dated other guys before; it wasn't as if she wasn't used to being the third wheel. " Sam asked."How did you land a date with Magic Malika?