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Who is isy suttie dating - chocolate media dating show

It's fun to watch, certainly, but how does it work when you both have access to a microphone – when you're both the funny one in a relationship?Do stand-ups scrap over who gets to keep the best domestic anecdotes, or cry over seeing their dirty linen washed in public for a laugh?

Jon Richardson revealed his engagement to rising star Lucy Beaumont at the end of his recent Channel 4 show Jon Richardson Grows Up, but Beaumont prefers anecdotes about her native Hull.Ironically, I feel like more people can identify with a story you’re telling if it is specific to you.Otherwise it becomes a bit vague and sentimental.” There were certainly many people who were feeling more than a bit sentimental at Peep Show coming to an end late last year.At the other end of the scale are Nat Luurtsema and Tom Craine, both members of the sketch group Jigsaw, who at last year's Edinburgh Fringe each did shows about their break-up.At this year's Fringe, Alfie Brown and Jessie Cave, and Bobby Mair and Harriet Kemsley are two couples preparing to spill the beans on their love lives.I certainly think there is a restlessness of youth, and that should be capitalised upon.” Suttie’s stand-up routine is different every night, she explains, as she mines various sections of the book and her general memories of her younger self.

While she is in a position now to look back and observe the actions and emotions of this time, she insists that she “didn’t wake up one day and feel all grown up.” “It wasn’t just about wanting to go out all the time when I was in my twenties, although I did want to go out all the time.

“I’ve amended the rule over the years because all men wear moisturiser now,” she explained.

“I do think it’s important that his is cheaper than mine though.” The comedian and writer - most well-known for her role as Dobby in TV’s Peep Show - regaled the audience with a virtual stand-up routine of anecdotes from her book The Actual One, which details the many trials and tribulations of her dating history to hilarious effect.

Whereas now I really want to stay in at nights – even if I have to go the shop after 9pm I’m reluctant.

Then follows a line that could have come straight out of Peep Show, the programme that won the hearts of a nation for finding humour in mundane, everyday life. Broadchurch.” Suttie is engaged to fellow comic Elis James, the real-life Actual One.

It shouldn’t be presumed that every single person is Bridget Jones.

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