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11–17."After witnessing a Mossad agent perform an assassination, which was not authorized by Mossad, Ziva is suspected by the FBI to be a double agent.Now a fugitive and on the run, Ziva is forced to ask for help from Gibbs, who is in Mexico after retiring from NCIS.

While Mc Gee works on figuring out what happened to his sister, the NCIS team is investigating a case of a Navy sailor, who is somehow connected to Mc Gee's sister.

The fourth season of the police procedural drama NCIS was originally broadcast between September 19, 2006 and May 22, 2007.

Special Agent Gibbs left NCIS at the end of season three after a terrorist attack had been successful because his superiors did not heed his warnings in time.

Both Tony and Abby are busy with love problems, while Mc Gee turns out to have another secret.

A dead man in a chimney chute on a Marine base leads the team to discover a serial killer's burial ground.

Ziva goes against Gibbs' orders and is successful in defusing the bomb, preserving any evidence for both groups to use, but earns a brief reprimand from Gibbs for doing so.

In the meantime, Mc Gee uses his computer skills to break into the secret government files to uncover the terrorist cell while Tony embarks on a personal quest of his own as he attempts to stop the Marine colonel's son from dropping out of college and enlisting in hopes of avenging his father's death.Meanwhile, Mc Gee and Tony are stunned by Abby's Halloween costume.When a Marine colonel dies in an explosion at a military golf course, the NCIS team must investigate a suspected terrorist attack with the help from the Army Criminal Investigative Division (CID).When they suspect that the kidnapper may continue attending the event in order to avoid suspicion, Ziva goes undercover at a speed-dating event to identify him.In addition, Tony is offered a promotion – and his own team – as a reward for his performance as team leader while Gibbs was retired but declines and remains in Gibbs' team.Minutes after Metro Police traffic cops apprehend a man with a recently-fired gun, a car crashes behind them with a dead Petty Officer in the driver's seat and "NCIS" written in his blood on the seat, leading the team to suspect the arrested man had shot the Petty Officer.

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