Boys dating expectations

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Boys dating expectations - dating no membership required

Expectation: Pouncing on each other as soon as his apartment door shuts and ending your romantic date with a steamy, Hollywood-esque hook-up that would put Brad and Angelina to shame.Reality: Awkwardly waiting for his roommate to leave and eventually falling asleep to the soundtrack of .

We hate to admit it, but our expectations are usually 5,000 miles from the reality of how V-Day goes down.

Expectation: Driving downtown to the hottest venue on a lively Saturday night because he bought two tickets to see your favorite band play.

Reality: Walking a mile to the closest Mc Donald’s because you’re poor, hungry college students without a car and the public transportation is about as reliable as on-campus printers.

One of him cleaning the apartment, another one of him setting the table…maybe even one of him taking a pre-date bubble bath!

He knows how to make you laugh while being so adorable.

Expectation: Gushing to your friends about how perfect your new guy is and trying to set them up with his single friends.

Reality: Hearing from your friends about all the girls your new guy has hooked up with before because the campus is that small and everyone’s a gossip.Maybe daisies that are identical to the ones he picked for you on your first date…Oh, and just think of the dinner he's going to make you!He can hardly wait for you to get out of class because he has been planning this for months.You'll ask him what he's planned for the day and he'll act all coy, pretending it's nothing big. Before you head out to class for the day, he'll whisper something super romantic and beautiful into your ear.But when you actually try dating in college, you find out it’s not as fun as made it out to be.

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