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1953 and early 1954 models had a standard square cutout in the floor between the seats for the PTO lever, covered by a plate if no PTO was installed.Perhaps the most obvious change during the history of the CJ-3B was the introduction of the new instrument cluster (30K GIF), shortly after it appeared in the new CJ-5 model.

But in cases where the original serial number is lost, or someone is trying to determine if a part is correct for a particular Jeep, there are some clues to determine at least the approximate year of production.The starter switch was also floor-mounted, separate from the keyed on/off ignition switch.According to the 1965 Service Manual, the floor-mount switch was used until the five gauges were replaced.The lack of reliable figures from the 1960s makes it difficult to estimate total production, but certainly many of the CJ-3Bs surviving in North America are from the first few years of its production.They are usually easily identified by the presence of five separate gauges on the dashboard, similar to earlier Jeep models.Another type of ventilation available on some CJ-3Bs is the swing-out windshield, a less-radical alternative to folding down the entire windshield frame.

The 1956 CJ-3B Parts List listed two types of windshields as available on the CJ-3B: a standard one and a "Ventilating Windshield Kit", which includes hinges, latches to hold it shut, wiper hardware, and arms with an adjusting screw (15K JPEG) on each side to hold the glass anywhere from slightly open to nearly horizontal.The 1962 Parts List also still listed the standard Harrison heater, which did not have the fresh air vent controls, and was controlled only by a three-speed switch (15K GIF) mounted below the dashboard.The parts lists do refer to a defroster hose for it, which was apparently attached to the heater by a duct adapter (40K JPEG).The hose for the defroster passed through an approx.2 1/2" hole in the dash above the steering column, which was covered with a metal plug if the defroster was not installed.A survey of readers of CJ3has narrowed down the introduction of the new parking brake to between VIN's 57348 7198 76077 in the 1961 model year.

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